Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Post

I thought I'd start with something easy and trite: An all-time NBA first and second team. Here goes:

1st Team

PG: Magic Johnson - Best passer in the history of the game.
SG: Michael Jordan - Any questions?
SF: Larry Bird - My personal favorite player in the history of the sport.
PF: Tim Duncan - The most underrated player in the game by the average fan.
C: Wilt Chamberlain - Yes, Russell won more championships, but Wilt was too dominate.

2nd Team

PG: John Stockton - Dirty? Still, you just can't ignore him.
SG: Jerry West - He's the logo for crying out loud.
SF: Lebron James - Too early? He could retire tomorrow and I'd still put him here.
PF: Karl Malone - Either he or Elgin Baylor are the best players to never win a championship.
C: Bill Russell - 11 Championships. Enough said.

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